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  1. yup, I can hear the tutorial now…! ha, ha! You never stop teaching! Good on you, Pat!
    Great photos, and it looks lovely and warm there. Still cool and wet here on PEI, but lots of things going on so we’re doing fine! Cheers!

  2. It’s good to see your faces again. Both of you look happy and healthy. May the travels be wonderful interesting and filled with forever moments
    I’m close to my own travel time .. going to Portugal end July. Hope to see both of you in that part of the world again

  3. Patrick and Lorna, thank you for having kind souls and taking the time to share a bit of your lives with us. We wish you the best on your travels and will continue to keep up with your blog. It was a pleasure meeting you, if you are ever in Newport News VA, stop by our amazing Univeristy, Christopher Newport Univeristy. Best of luck in all of your endeavors and thanks for the life and camera lessons.

  4. I can just imagine it! Made me laugh a lot – get Pat started on a favourite subject, then kick back and relax (but still concentrate of course)!! Looks a lovely place, hope you continue to enjoy yourselves. Pete

  5. Hi Guys
    Good to see you are still taking photos!!!! Me too!! Am currently working on a book to celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss!!! Come back and see us soon!

  6. You two look great! Yes, I can hear the lecture–hopefully they learned something from it, eh? Glad to see that you two are making the most of that extra six months you got.

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