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  1. Hello Darlings
    Good to see you doing some serious mileage instead of lazing around in California!
    Betsy is going to be 35 next week and is in the garage having a replacement LPG tank
    Then it’s off to the bodyshop for new front cills prior to going for her MOT Aaaagh£££
    Enjoy Florida,whatever you do go to see Clyde Butcher,Photographer in the Everglades
    Bon Voyage,Peter

  2. Fascinating stuff. Love New Mexico and the southern states in general. Always intended to drive coast to coast along the southern border but never made it further east than New Orleans so shall await the next instalment with particular interest. Keep them coming!

  3. Fun to hear of your travels. Looks like you have passed beyond TX. Would have loved to get together for a few days. At the end of March we will head East, up the coast, stop in DC, visit my brother in Pennsylvania and then head home to MN. Hope we can meet somewhere in the future. I’ll send you photos of my paintings and hope you do the same.

  4. great to hear from you again. We are not on board Gypsy this winter. Actually just arrived in Lisbon today. We first had 3 wk. in Albufeira ,Algarve. A week here then on to London for a week . Our country is in the deep freeze. We might head back Antigonish,Nova Scotia way this summer. I started a blog for this vacation instead of a paper diary. Xo Danny& Ken

  5. Hi Pat.
    You are certainly visiting some very interesting places. Last year we did a bit of road trip in the U.S My eldest son married a girl from North Carolina. Decided to visit our new relations so flew to New York for a couple of days and did all the tourist things, Ground Zero. Empire State Building, Broadway and lots more that two days would allow. Hired a car and drove to Niagara to see the falls. Then down to Philadelphia and looked up a cousin who moved to the U.S over 35 years ago. Spent some days at her fantastic beach house in Ventnor. From there to D.C and all the tourist things including the museums. Then a drive over the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way to West Jefferson and enjoyed seeing the hundreds of Harleys ridden mainly by older folks .The mountains really do look blue! The Impromptu singing of Blue Grass music every place we stopped was fantastic. After a few days with the in laws decided to cross something off the bucket list and drove to Nashville to see a show at The Grand Ole Opry ( a 900 mile round trip). Back to Charlotte then New York.
    We have just returned from a skiing trip in southern Germany and Austria. Oberjoch brought back many memories and I thought of you and our many escapades together almost forty years ago!
    Looking forward to reading about your future adventures.

  6. What are you doing? Saw Carol today and she said you bought a new RV,
    For some reason I haven’t received a blog since Feb 25th,

    Love hearing from you two.


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