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  1. Winchester ?? I’ve always wanted to go there because my old grandad (born 1883) said we were related to Stephen Gardiner, who was a bit of a big wig during the time of king Henry VIII and queen Elizabeth 1 and is buried in Winchester cathedral… Have to visit sometime.. Bit like Paul and Bex going to marquillier (sorry if I spelt it wrongly !!) hope to catch you both soon xx

  2. Oh, back across the pond! Would love to visit there sometime you are home, but next winter we are going to New Zealand. Missed you this winter. We’ve had fab weather in Florida! Take care! Xo Sherri and Gerry

  3. Hey there we are going to be in U.K.and Scotland .leave here in 14th April untill June 2nd.
    Geneology in Scotand..graveyards ha ha!!Wally excited!
    Dont you knock the weather in England ,sometimes better than B.C.

  4. Well someone somewhere has to see the sunshine and flowers.I reckon you are both heaven blessed. Hope you will both be coming back to Alhaurin el Grande. Now that Ray has Clipper at home with us we only go to Juans on alternate fridays, So please let us know if you are coming. love Lynne.

  5. Glad you made it to UK safely ..
    Look forward to your return .. Sorry I missed you at Carol & Jon’s …
    I’m at Sarah’s riding event in Layton Ut.
    Kathy stuck in Hawaii ( bummer) .. Lol
    Hope to have you back for Oktoberfest ..
    Love, Sandra

  6. Gee, I miss you two. Bill and I did not go to Florida this year. Guess what! I am going to England in September with my girlfriend. Is England ready for us? Ha!
    Enjoy your summer. Love ya bunches!

  7. Hi Pat & Lorna,
    Long time no see (or should that be sea?) but just spent a week sailing at Club Vounaki in Greece and finally got my ICC!! Made me think of you. Clearly trying to drown me in Turkey on that night sail in 2000 didn’t put me off!!. Hope all’s well.
    Paul & Fiona

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