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Pasty on the Peninsula — 2 Comments

  1. Ahh you’ve moved on to unknown territory for me now
    I’ve never been up as far as Lake Superior and the middle of Canada is a mystery to me
    I came up to Calgary from Montana and then went West through the Rockies
    It’s awesome through Banff and Lake Louise as you doubtless know
    Keep on truckin,Peter

  2. We miss meeting up with you guys on the road!! It sounds as if you are still having fun and Rudi is quite jealous about the pasties. We may have to check them out in a week or so!!

    We are also up around the Great Lakes on the Canadian side – we left Niagara Falls this morning and are heading towards London, Ontario. We’ll probably be back in the US in a week or ten days. Don’t suppose our paths will cross but you never know!! All the best and safe travels.

    By the way, on the Trek forum someone defined motor-homing as repairing your RV in exotic locations. You probably agree with that – I know we do:-)

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