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  1. I, of course, would like to hear more about your life in the UK! But welcome back to the USofA. Your life is sounding pretty posh right about now!!

    Camille & Nick

  2. Fantastic photography as expected. Great work in getting these guys together. Jon is reliving his life. Got a Ferari again ,the rebuilt Steam launch “Vapor”.I can’t wait to see him doing the Fender Guitar promotion again. I believe he could do it.
    Thanks for sharing the day with us.
    Chris and Raewyn McMullen Auckland New Zealand

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to the 2 of you. We are well and have a new motorhome. What fun. From the look of the pictures you seem well and having fun. The pictures are fun. The home owners of TGO are now the “proud” owners of the golf course and restaurant as of last week.
    Terri and Howard

  4. Very cool ..’!!
    Great pix …!!! Great article ..!
    Looks like a great time was had by all !!
    I Would have LOVED to have been there with you guys ….
    Xoxo to all from Vernal, Utah…! 🙂

  5. Ahhhh…!!
    Living the life… Of the rich and homeless !!
    That is truly the life… One can only imagine !
    So pleased for you both … What fun!!!
    Hope to see you in March !

    Sandra 🙂

  6. Hello Lorna, Its so good to hear from you. I am pleased that you are both still enjoing your travels.Ray has left Juans and now has Clipper stabled here at our finca. We go to the stable every other friday lunch time because we miss the company of the girls and their husbands/partners. Keep info about your travels coming, I so look forward to it. Love from Lynne.

  7. Winchester ?? I’ve always wanted to go there because my old grandad (born 1883) said we were related to Stephen Gardiner, who was a bit of a big wig during the time of king Henry VIII and queen Elizabeth 1 and is buried in Winchester cathedral… Have to visit sometime.. Bit like Paul and Bex going to marquillier (sorry if I spelt it wrongly !!) hope to catch you both soon xx

  8. Oh, back across the pond! Would love to visit there sometime you are home, but next winter we are going to New Zealand. Missed you this winter. We’ve had fab weather in Florida! Take care! Xo Sherri and Gerry

  9. Hey there we are going to be in U.K.and Scotland .leave here in 14th April untill June 2nd.
    Geneology in Scotand..graveyards ha ha!!Wally excited!
    Dont you knock the weather in England ,sometimes better than B.C.

  10. Well someone somewhere has to see the sunshine and flowers.I reckon you are both heaven blessed. Hope you will both be coming back to Alhaurin el Grande. Now that Ray has Clipper at home with us we only go to Juans on alternate fridays, So please let us know if you are coming. love Lynne.

  11. Glad you made it to UK safely ..
    Look forward to your return .. Sorry I missed you at Carol & Jon’s …
    I’m at Sarah’s riding event in Layton Ut.
    Kathy stuck in Hawaii ( bummer) .. Lol
    Hope to have you back for Oktoberfest ..
    Love, Sandra

  12. Gee, I miss you two. Bill and I did not go to Florida this year. Guess what! I am going to England in September with my girlfriend. Is England ready for us? Ha!
    Enjoy your summer. Love ya bunches!

  13. Hi Pat & Lorna,
    Long time no see (or should that be sea?) but just spent a week sailing at Club Vounaki in Greece and finally got my ICC!! Made me think of you. Clearly trying to drown me in Turkey on that night sail in 2000 didn’t put me off!!. Hope all’s well.
    Paul & Fiona

  14. Hello Darlings
    Things here are still very busy and the weather is extremely changeable as usual
    I hope to find a gap in my schedule sometime in the next 6 weeks to come and see you
    Peter xx

  15. Sounds wonderful, any chance you may be out this way before you head off back to your next more permanent spot? Lee y Las Chicas!!

  16. Ok, you’ve had enough time away from the “Ranch”. As always, we’re looking forward to your return. Still working on the web site and should be completed in a couple of months. Miss you guys.

  17. wow, looks great! We’ll be in Florida for 3.5 mths starting Jan. Coming that way?
    We’ve rented a shack in Dunedin.

  18. sorry we didn’t make it to see you this weekend, it all looks lovely from the photo. Have a good journey back to the U.S. and see you sometime next year….best wishes, the bevan family

  19. And Merry Christmas to you also. Are house was for sale and I thought we had a buyer and so I scoped out a Country Coach in Florida and was ready to pounce. But no, it didn’t pan out. So we are stuck here for the time being.
    Nick and Camille

  20. Hope you’re Xmas was filled with all things wonderful and nice.
    miss both of you ….
    hope to see you soon back in foz.

  21. Hello Darlings
    Good to see you doing some serious mileage instead of lazing around in California!
    Betsy is going to be 35 next week and is in the garage having a replacement LPG tank
    Then it’s off to the bodyshop for new front cills prior to going for her MOT Aaaagh£££
    Enjoy Florida,whatever you do go to see Clyde Butcher,Photographer in the Everglades
    Bon Voyage,Peter

  22. Fascinating stuff. Love New Mexico and the southern states in general. Always intended to drive coast to coast along the southern border but never made it further east than New Orleans so shall await the next instalment with particular interest. Keep them coming!

  23. Fun to hear of your travels. Looks like you have passed beyond TX. Would have loved to get together for a few days. At the end of March we will head East, up the coast, stop in DC, visit my brother in Pennsylvania and then head home to MN. Hope we can meet somewhere in the future. I’ll send you photos of my paintings and hope you do the same.

  24. great to hear from you again. We are not on board Gypsy this winter. Actually just arrived in Lisbon today. We first had 3 wk. in Albufeira ,Algarve. A week here then on to London for a week . Our country is in the deep freeze. We might head back Antigonish,Nova Scotia way this summer. I started a blog for this vacation instead of a paper diary. Xo Danny& Ken

  25. Hi Pat.
    You are certainly visiting some very interesting places. Last year we did a bit of road trip in the U.S My eldest son married a girl from North Carolina. Decided to visit our new relations so flew to New York for a couple of days and did all the tourist things, Ground Zero. Empire State Building, Broadway and lots more that two days would allow. Hired a car and drove to Niagara to see the falls. Then down to Philadelphia and looked up a cousin who moved to the U.S over 35 years ago. Spent some days at her fantastic beach house in Ventnor. From there to D.C and all the tourist things including the museums. Then a drive over the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way to West Jefferson and enjoyed seeing the hundreds of Harleys ridden mainly by older folks .The mountains really do look blue! The Impromptu singing of Blue Grass music every place we stopped was fantastic. After a few days with the in laws decided to cross something off the bucket list and drove to Nashville to see a show at The Grand Ole Opry ( a 900 mile round trip). Back to Charlotte then New York.
    We have just returned from a skiing trip in southern Germany and Austria. Oberjoch brought back many memories and I thought of you and our many escapades together almost forty years ago!
    Looking forward to reading about your future adventures.

  26. Hi Patrick&Lorna
    I am familiar with 21C because I was in Marbella 10 days ago
    But I’m more familiar with 5C as I just spent the weekend in London
    The bit I don’t understand about those 2 things is that 8days in Marbella including flights and car hire cost £350 whereas 2 nights in London cost £1000
    It would have been cheaper to come and see you for the weekend!!
    Stay warm,Peter

  27. What are you doing? Saw Carol today and she said you bought a new RV,
    For some reason I haven’t received a blog since Feb 25th,

    Love hearing from you two.


  28. great to meet up with you both in St Augustine! Look forward to seeing you next in PEI!
    Take your time, though, still snow here!

  29. Hey, sorry we missed you. I love St. Augustine… We camped on the ocen there. That was a treat from Bill when we were coming to Florida last fall. So much to catch up on friends. Love you and miss you.

  30. yup, I can hear the tutorial now…! ha, ha! You never stop teaching! Good on you, Pat!
    Great photos, and it looks lovely and warm there. Still cool and wet here on PEI, but lots of things going on so we’re doing fine! Cheers!

  31. It’s good to see your faces again. Both of you look happy and healthy. May the travels be wonderful interesting and filled with forever moments
    I’m close to my own travel time .. going to Portugal end July. Hope to see both of you in that part of the world again

  32. Patrick and Lorna, thank you for having kind souls and taking the time to share a bit of your lives with us. We wish you the best on your travels and will continue to keep up with your blog. It was a pleasure meeting you, if you are ever in Newport News VA, stop by our amazing Univeristy, Christopher Newport Univeristy. Best of luck in all of your endeavors and thanks for the life and camera lessons.

  33. I can just imagine it! Made me laugh a lot – get Pat started on a favourite subject, then kick back and relax (but still concentrate of course)!! Looks a lovely place, hope you continue to enjoy yourselves. Pete

  34. Hi Guys
    Good to see you are still taking photos!!!! Me too!! Am currently working on a book to celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss!!! Come back and see us soon!

  35. You two look great! Yes, I can hear the lecture–hopefully they learned something from it, eh? Glad to see that you two are making the most of that extra six months you got.

  36. Know you have to go back to the UK sometime in June, but we’ll be at
    the Circle CG Campground for approximately 3 weeks end of June. We’re
    wquidistant between Boston and Cape Cod… keep in touch. K&D

  37. Hey Lorna, Kim and I were in St Augustine last year for a small conference. It’s a pretty place outside tourist time : ). Hope you guys are doing well.

  38. Guess we’ll miss you again. We’re ijust outside of Boston till Thursday when we head north to a little place, Orland, between Bar Harbor and Ellesworth Boston and vicinity has charmed us, too bad the weather has been so shitty ; anbyway who really cares ? Did your new outfit come equipped with those crappy Chinese tires ? Hard to believe. When do you return next year ? 6 months from now ? Maybe we’ll meet up with you next winter in Spain or Portugasl. Great blog. xo, K&D

  39. Ahh you’ve moved on to unknown territory for me now
    I’ve never been up as far as Lake Superior and the middle of Canada is a mystery to me
    I came up to Calgary from Montana and then went West through the Rockies
    It’s awesome through Banff and Lake Louise as you doubtless know
    Keep on truckin,Peter

  40. We miss meeting up with you guys on the road!! It sounds as if you are still having fun and Rudi is quite jealous about the pasties. We may have to check them out in a week or so!!

    We are also up around the Great Lakes on the Canadian side – we left Niagara Falls this morning and are heading towards London, Ontario. We’ll probably be back in the US in a week or ten days. Don’t suppose our paths will cross but you never know!! All the best and safe travels.

    By the way, on the Trek forum someone defined motor-homing as repairing your RV in exotic locations. You probably agree with that – I know we do:-)

  41. We really enjoy your observations, photos and geographical information.Until you commenced your journey through America we did not have any interest in that country but now we look forward to your reports. Thankyou very much. We hope you continue to be healthy and happy and one day return to Alhaurin el Grande.Love from Ray and Lynne.

  42. Great to see the progression of your travels. I particularly like the tepee pic – very good!
    Catch up soon – perhaps a Skype? xx

  43. It’s slways fun to catch up with you and your great adventures ….. Always fun and refreshing..
    It sounds as thought you are keeping busy and well entertained ….
    Hope to see you make it back here to the “Golden Manner” … Take care and happy trails!!

  44. Glad to hear you are still enjoying your travels and love the photos. We have been home for two weeks and Rudi is planning our next trip already! Will probably start in Arizona around March next year so hopefully may meet up with you both somewhere along the way. Keep well and take care of each other. All the best, Cherryl & Rudi

  45. Congratulations on completing your circumnavigation – what’s next? Happy Christmas to,you both. Hope to catch up with you again sometime soon.

  46. Awesome card! Good work, whichever of you did this!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both, too! Perhaps we can get a Skype in sometime over the season!

  47. Circum what??? Didnt know you were Jewish!!! Happy Honika? Honyca! Hornika! Oh Bugger it. Merry Xmas from the “BritGits”

  48. So nice to hear from you. Saturday we’ll be in San Diego to watch the lighted boat parade. Hope you stop out at the Ranch.

  49. Hi both. Really great to hear and see all your news and sorry that I haven’t kept in touch as much as I should have. Fact is our travels seem so insignificant by comparison that I don’t have the heart to bore you with them!..Anyway keep sending the blogs and all the best to you both forChristmas and the new year . Will be fascinated to hear what next .Eric and Jenny

  50. Hi Guys, did you have a good journey to the States and did Mr Trump let you in OK..? Hope by now you are both refreshed and ready to hit the road in that bungalow on wheels.. 😉

  51. These are awesome!! The rooms look comfortable and spacious. The lighting is perfect!! Thank you so much!

    • No trick photography. Just tricky photography as I had to get the camera in to tight places. Using Camranger to control the camera from my iPad helped.

  52. What a charming home. Is that a hooked rug on the floor? Beautiful. Oh did a wonderful job as always.

  53. An extremely good production and performance by all involved which made for a most enjoyable 100 mins of open air theatre.

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  55. I was looking for pics of Portugal today and came to your site. I didn’t know these recordings were here. It’s so good to hear Pat’s voice again, singing some great songs. I didn’t capture him on camera doing Bohemian Rhapsody on the back of the boat but it’s burned into my memory (in a good way!) forever. What a legend! x